We Offer Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser therapy helps relieve pain in pets suffering from acute and chronic conditions.
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Stop in for a complimentary dental "check" for the remainder of February.

This is a complimentary visit with a technician to check your pet's teeth and review their dental health status as well as oral hygiene recommendations (including at home dental care and dental prophy in hospital).

Get 10% off these dental products throughout the entire month of February 2018 at Guilderland Animal Hospital!*

Perio Support Pro   CET Pet Dental Chews   CET Pet Dental Paste
Perio Support Pro   CET Oral Hygiene Chews   CET Enzymatic Toothpaste
CET Pet Veggie Dent   Dentahex Oral Rinse   OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews
CET VeggieDent   Dentahex Oral Rinse   OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

Please call us at 518-355-0260 if you have any questions!

 *This promo is valid from February 1 - 28, 2018.